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Lead Generation



400 leads plus contacts/LinkedIn/phone number/website

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In-house Sales Team



80% Conversion rate

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Nationwide Recruiting

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Full service recruiting

1-3 hires

Sourcing, screening, interview, training and Onboarding

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Frequently asked questions

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What services does Grade A hire offer?

We specialize in connecting businesses with top-tier sales talent, ensuring you have the best team to achieve and exceed your sales goals.

How does Grade A hire ensure confidentiality of Clients information?

We follow strict security protocols to ensure that all Client information is kept confidential and secure. This includes implementing secure data storage, limiting access to sensitive information, and training our staff on privacy best practices.

Can Grade A hire help my business stay compliant with labor laws?

Yes, we offer HR consulting services to help businesses stay compliant with labor laws and regulations. Our team stays up to date with the latest changes in labor laws and can help ensure that your business is meeting all legal requirements.

How long has Grade A Hire been in business?

While our passion for connecting businesses with stellar salespeople has always been strong, Grade A Hire has been officially in the business for 20 years.

Why should I choose Grade A Hire over other hiring companies?

Our expertise lies specifically in the sales domain. This specialization, combined with our years of experience and keen understanding of what makes a great salesperson, ensures you get only Grade A talent every time.

How quickly can I expect to have a position filled?

Our aim is to connect you with the perfect match as swiftly as possible. Typically, businesses can expect to see potential candidates within 3-5 days.

What is the screening process for sales candidates?

We have a thorough selection process that involves assessing skills, experience, and a candidate’s potential to connect and resonate with customers. Each candidate is vetted to ensure they align with Grade A Hire’s standards of excellence.

Do you offer any guarantees with your placements?

Yes, we pride ourselves on the quality of our matches. If any issues arise within [60 days, we will work closely with you to find a suitable replacement. we are offering another free campaign

What sizes of businesses do you cater to?

We cater to all sizes, from startups taking their first steps to established brands looking to further solidify their market presence.

How can I get in touch with Grade A Hire for my hiring needs?

We’re eager to help! You can contact us via email : or call us at 281-783-4340

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“Great Service – Very Low Price Compared to Full Service Recruiters. One thing I always have trouble with recruitng is volume. People who want to do canvassing are hard to come by, even harder now in the situation we find ourselves in with benefits sometimes overweighing what we can afford to offer. These guys had my phone ringing in two days when I couldn’t get a response to my add for weeks. I highly recommend them.”

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I Took A Chance on their In-House Sales and BPO. I am very pleased.

“These folks have really shaken up the way we think about selling stuff for businesses. Their team is as straight-shooting as they come, always on point and working hard to get what their clients want. They’re real smart when it comes to figuring out the tricky parts of selling and keepin business going strong. And they’re always on the lookout, making sure they’re ahead of the …”

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